quest giver status flag question

I honestly don’t remember because it has been too long (over a year) since I last played on retail, but recent research suggested that a red ! is used to indicate that a creature starts a quest upon being killed. Is it possible that DIALOG_STATUS_UNK is used for this purpose? Having run 10 characters through Uldum, I remember 2 beasts (hyenas and vultures) giving a quest when the first one was killed in the zone.

hyenas (entry 45202):

vultures (entry 47202):

The red ! may not have actually shown on them, thus my asking for feedback.

A 3rd quest seems to follow the same design, in Vashj’ir.

eels (entry 41002):

Most likely relevant

Yeah, but we’ll likely need a sniff to verify the flag for enabling that red ! on the creature. That was also why I included the entry numbers of a few that should have it. I don’t even know if the current database allows for “on kill, give quest”. There are more creatures with this capability than I listed. We do have “on kill, give reputation” support, so I wonder if a new table is going to be needed for this. For all I know, it could be one of the unknown bits in the various creature flags.