Question about BG players limit

Hello. I don’t know where to post it, I just have a question. Is there a client/server limit on battlegrounds? I mean there is in database, I can set limit to 1000, but is there another one? I don’t have any idea how to test it (cannot open 90 WoW’s) and I need to be sure about it - that this will work. I just want to enter a battleground and let everyone enter same one.


Good evening, I am not an expert in TC, but in theory the core not you would limit this, with the exception of the limits you place on the DB, but will rely heavily on the capabilities of the processing server and internet connection, a BG with much players will generate a large load on the server, lag could be a problem

Depends on a machine, but thanks - will inform how it goes /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

Okay, server crashes like crazy - never, ever allow more then 40 players join a single BG at one side. NEVER

Can you post the crashlog? I’m curious.

I don’t have a crashlog. 300 online - I can’t even put a debug mode, cause the server laggs. It was like: full raid (40 players), 41 player joined - BOOM.

Do you have any idea how to discover crashes like this on a launched server with many players online? It’s so sad ;( I was looking for this crashbug for 6 hours