Question about loot_template reference

In the wiki the field Reference is descripted as follows:

Template reference asks core to process another loot template and to include all items dropped for that template into current loot.

But another loot template from where ? From the same table or from reference_loot_template table ? To which one is it linked ?

Reference fields points to reference_loot_template

But in this case the SQL in the wiki doesn’t make sense for me:

	INSERT INTO `creature_loot_template` (`Entry`,`Item`,`Reference`) VALUES ('21215','0','21215');

That can’t be a self-reference.

It explictly says that you cannot do that. Read the lines below and after that SQL snippet.

If references points to [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)]reference_loot_template ONLY than the SQL example above can’t be declared as an example of a self-reference.

Inserting 21215 in field reference in creature_loot_template than would (as I understand you) point to [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)]reference_loot_template. Where is the self-reference ?

Selfreferencing can be IMHO done only inside [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)]reference_loot_template.

In the other loot_template tables the worst thing you can do is making a loop.

So I think the wiki text isn’t correct and describe the situation last year before changing a lot of stuff in loot tables.

I changed from creature_ to reference_loot_template in the SQL (anti)example

Perfect. Thanks.

If it would be on me I also would add the information that References points to reference_loot_template only. Because that’s new afaik.