Question for the TrinityCore team

Will Trinity stay in the Legion expansion or will it continue to upgrade to future expansions? Every day is closer to the latest 7.x client update and I would like to know what Trinity’s plans are, greetings.

When 4.x came out, the community adapted. When 5.x came out, the community adapted. When 6.x came the community adapted. Now that 7.x is out and we are adapting…

You see a pattern?

Just to know, now the others one are abandoned, no?

Well for 4.3.4 no because there are still some that work on it but for 5 and so on yeah other than 7.x of course since it and 3.3.5 are main focus which really I think should be moved to 4.3.4 in the future after 3.3.5 is done then so on. but then I think focus should be 4.3.4 and 7.x until next expansion is released.

It’s a lot of maintenance to have multiple expansions, but I am curious,. why 3x is still being maintained…

Is it the most favorite of expansions? Is it the most data collected (sniffed) from all previous expansions?

3x is the last version that has all the old quests, tbc, classic, etc, before it was completely overhauled by blizz. (it kind of makes sense to keep alive), I won’t predict popularity by expansion, but sales went through the roof during tbc and wrath, then started to plummet during cata.

There is still a huge WoW population that has a nostalgia feel good inside before 4.x. I wish we could have branches of 1.x 2.x, but like I said, the maintenance alone is a nightmare even for a very large community.


No expansion will never be truly ever be “done” :stuck_out_tongue: but, I see where you are coming from and we should move on. But I think all the branches should have been left for each expansion, even though there was little to no longer maintenance being done.

Oh for sure… I was just bringing up that there is a pattern of the devs/community moving on to the most recent client version, maybe due to the sniffed data or what to be collected that exists now on retail.

3.3.5 is an anomaly for some reason, as people keep working on it. Trinity always has been a group while, not ever rushing into the next expansion, always progressing.
I used to work with a team that focused only on 335 even after panda came out, mangos to this day doesn’t have a supported client above 335. I think it’s because WotLK
introduced such interesting new things and it was the end of the 40 person raid era. Just my opinion, tons of people tell me different reasons why they stuck with 335.
335 is not only one of the most popular expansions to come out before Legion but it’s also when a lot of things changed in the private community, the server systems and architecture were different.

Personally I started doing this whole thing back in the 1.12 days, naxx was already on farm for many guilds and PVP really wasn’t all that exciting. I was part of a crew that focused on BC from the day it came out.
Even after LK hit we stuck to BC for a couple of years if I remember right. The 335 branch still gets commits almost daily, but 7 is retail. It’s where we’re likely to get the most info and the most coverage because it’s
what’s popular and going on. I enjoy a lot of the QoL updates to wow since 335, and fun though it may be, isn’t worth going back in time for me, for some it is.

CDawg hit it right on the head, it’s getting progressively easier to work on the newest versions because of sniffing and even wowhead, because current data we have, so many things that lived before Cata changed in that exp.

@Sirius Same here :slight_smile: I remember staying to TBC for years, then decided to bite the bullet and go to 3.3.5a, slowly in less than a year, support just ended for 2.4.3.

Thanks to everyone for participating, I ask the question since the community was a long time in 3.3.5a even almost until 5.x. I remember a post in this same forum with a lot of opinions (I think the longest that this community has seen) where the question of staying or follow up to other expansions like the 6.x that was the one that existed at the time .

That’s why it strikes me whether the community will continue to evolve or will be in one of the expansions that has been almost as successful as 3.3.5 and I mean Legion.

The project depends on the information that its members can gather, if other expansions after 3.3.5 did not have as much work of the community I think it was due to the lack of information and how fast Blizzard changed from one to another, besides that The community of Trinity did not happen to 4.3.4 but already when Pandaria was about to leave the market.

That is why in my modest opinion I believe that Legion deserves to be an official Branch, but master of the project, where you can download all the information collected right now by the community, which is not short. No matter how many new expansions come later, I think we should work on this with all we have and try to maintain it as it does today with 3.3.5.

We have staff in the community who make great contributions, we have the data, we have a base in Core that does not have to envi anything to any other project, we have the opportunity never before available to develop in a Branch that is currently online at the official servers, we have the desire to continue making Trinity a reference project in terms of group development and learning is concerned, allowing an official 7.x branch that so many to liked and that inspires to continue developing we will help in that sense .
That is my humble opinion.

Sorry, google translator.

I left and played on live servers for 4+ years. Recently started poking around to see what’s been happening since I left. I still have an active sub but am just not happy with what the pathfinder system has done to flying on live servers.

I haven’t gotten the build environment set up to test my own server yet so I hopped on a random Legion server. I created a death knight to start higher level in WotLK. I’m really pretty amazed at how much stuff still doesn’t work after being gone this long. Other than lots of unfinished quests there are stupid things like DK strangulate doesn’t stop fleeing monsters from fleeing to packs of mobs to aggro them before dying, spirit healers that have no rez options so if you die in some places it’s impossible to rez without GM help, and bag bugs like dropping an item onto a full bag bugs the item so it can’t be interacted with until you log out and back in. That’s just a few of the things I’ve seen in one day of playing on a Legion server.

What I wonder is how much of this is regression problems where a Legion server breaks stuff for WotLK that might work on a pure 3.3.5 server? Or are these kind of things still broken on 3.3.5?

I’m also pretty surprised to see so many other projects, some started to support certain expansions, some started just to attempt to have a better player experience with less thing broken to the point you can’t complete many aspects of the game. I wonder if there would be some merit in supporting non-blizzlike branches of DBC’s and cores in unsupported branches just to stop some of the splintering of groups?

I’m not part of the Trinity Team, but will answer anyway :wink:

IMHO: The times for WoW are definitely gone. For WotLK, for Legion. The p-servers are gone, the players are gone, the developers are gone because they get older, have family and a business career. It lacks of manpower to fix all the bugs. There are just a handful motivated people left. 3.3.5 is an ancient game, still having it’s friends. But don’t expect extreme further development in that branch. I’m still surprised how much still it is. For legion and newer, called the master branch, I think it’s quite useless work. It’s a never ending story. It will be always an unfinished and non-playable server. Blizz is working so fast with new stuff and dynamic updates. But as I told WoW is gone. You will not find enough developers nor enough players on retail f.ex. to sniff data.

I think it would be wise to create static branches for specific versions of WoW that get updates based on that version and not just dragged along with the master branch updates that may break things in older xpacks. You might attract more developers with specific interests in certain xpacks.

Have databases maintained for those static branches and a core that reviews master branch changes before incorporating them into older branches. That would help eliminate the fractured EMU community or perceived need for projects that support specific expansions.

I know a MoP core and DB would be appealing to a lot of people.

For me, I’d like to see a Legion 7.2.5 core and database before the level scaling changes, broken guild addon changes, heirloom nerfs, and no flying Argus content. But from what I’ve seen from playing on a random private server Legion support is probably not where I’d even like to play it. I might just try WotLK and see how complete that is after years of being afk from TrinityCore, or I’ll try MoP with Project Skyfire but that doesn’t seem all that active currently either.