Random TrinityCore ideas

I go to post here one list of features that i think can be interesting to implement on TrinityCore.

	change Table `npc_trainer` contains an entry for a creature template (Entry: 50025) without trainer flag, ignoring to a single row/afected npc.

Allow parameter to onlinelist to allow choice map/zone, add country, names of maps, zones with for example onlinelistextended. Ie: account onlinelist map 0. https://pastebin.com/k7SBSywT

tele instanceid (or iid) to allow gm to teleport a selected instance id (ie to fix problems of teleportation to some heroic instances/raids without having to unbind.

tele name npcid / npcguid <id/guid>

Allow every command with time as parameter to choice the time type ie: seconds, hours, days.

adump (account dump).



Full locales implementation: A lot of tables misses locales (IE commands help, game_tele).

A command to check if a player fits the requirements of one quest (have all items and where (on player, on bank), killed all mobs, etc) and location of quest taker.

A setting to allow to choice raid reset day.

Split Rate.InstanceResetTime on Rate.RaidDiff0ResetTime, Rate.RaidDiff1ResetTime, Rate.RaidDiff2ResetTime, Rate.RaidDiff3ResetTime and Rate.DungeonDiff1ResetTime.

(why no 10m,25m, etc is obvious to avoid ppl asking “what i must change for the 20 man or 40 man instances”)

Allow game_event table to start on X day of the week (ie sunday) X day of the month (1st of june) X day (1st sunday of month)

Allow .additem to ignore the unique flag to get 1 unique item on inventory.

On retail when you try to send one email to a gm you get “cannot find mail recipient” maybe it can be added with a conf 0 allow mails, 1 disable mails from players, 2 disable all mails, 3 remember last state.

Add .wp modify orientation .wp modify posx/y/z commands.

Allow .additem to set player if isnt targeted for example .additem <player id/player name>

Last ip stats for account/character stored on db and available on db.

A command to dump a whole guild and restore with all the members and bank items, if items are somewhere else write where they are (to restore defaced guilds)

Change account lock on/account lock off to simply account lock and switch lock status on use.

Allow to set the duration of the spells used with aura.

Allow to reload any possible table.

Add the amount of gold and tokens to connection/disconection logs can help to detect exploits.

a command to list the amount of tokens one character owns.

ainfo, account info, adds the last ips one account used, creation date, email, number of characters, level, class, gold, location, rename from lookup player account/ip/email.

Guild list <“part of name”> lists guilds with the name, shows guild master, last guild master online, guild members amount, last guild member online.

a command to allow gms to see friendlist of someone and who have someone on friendlist, ignore and who have it on ignore.

Separate config to change rate of honor for bgs/arenas/outdoors/lowlevels.

create a gm command to allow to read guild_eventlog and guild_bank_eventlog without having to join guild.

create a command for automatic arena session change.

lookup player onlineip search for players with specific ip.

new bg queue announcer mode.


Description: Battleground queue announcement type.

Default: 0 - (System message, Anyone can see it)

1 - (Private, Only queued players can see it)

name - (Custom channel name)

Battleground.QueueAnnouncer.PlayerOnly = 0

MoP like loot system for nearly mobs (disabled by default)(the one that looting one mob allows you loot every mob near you).

lookup area id command, to allow to search area names.

Disable vendors,innkeepers (mob spawns but he don’t sells/works as innkeeper)/items/npcs (mob don’t spawns)

Respawn time multipliers (normal creatures, elite, rare, bosses)

custom flag to allow mob to ignore body decay on respawn time

Work in progress.


Already codded, waiting to be merged:


I like the sound of some of these ideas…


Is there way to complete some quest via RA console? I try it but there is no command like this in RA.

Like: .quest complete

This will be more hard to implement because difference of quest (spellclick/kills/collected items/explore etc…)

@alein (Afaik you need a target for that), so not possible atm

Arena Logs into DB table, so with this we can generate detailed statistic on website. Like dmg/killing blows/heals.

This will help to catch some arena “alters”.

Or arena spectator implementation.

You can already log to db.

Already added:

A setting to allow account to be locked by country, enabled by default, blizzlike using ip2nation.

Add names to logs like ERROR: Map 604 could not be created for player 63485, porting player to homebind this to ERROR: Map 604 (Gundrak) could not be created for player 63485 (Pepito), porting player to homebind

Change GM xxxxxx (Account: x) deposit item: Plain Letter (Entry: 8383 Count: 1) to guild bank (Guild ID: x) to GM xxxxxx (Guid: y) (Account: x) deposit item: Plain Letter (Entry: 8383 Count: 1) to guild bank named: xxxxx (Guild ID: x)

Add a new column to game_events table to allow to don’t be announced even with announce event enabled (0 default config, 1 never announce, 2 always announce.

Command: .whisper off [Player: name (guid) (Account: (id)) X: -xxxx.xxx Y: -xxx.xxx Z: xx.xxx Area: id (name) Map: x Selected none: (GUID: 0)]

Change Player (GUID: xxxx) not found in table characters, can’t load. into Player Name: yyyyy (GUID: xxxx) not found in table characters, can’t load.

A command to rename guild names.

Move autobroadcast table into auth db and add a column realmdid.

Add a CharDelete.Heroic.MinLevel to allow don’t store low level dks.

Allow a new parameter to character rename newname to allow gm to choice new name, ie character rename fuckergm iamstupid.

A command to do damage to buildings to allow test buildings destruction.

Add if it’s alive, emails amount, xp, xp to level, if account is locked to ip or country, amount of failed logins, read emails, unread emails to pinfo.

WORLD: failed to teleport player name (guid) to map 43 because of unknown reason!

arena command.

add location to group list.

list instanceid id list the ppl on one instance id returning instance id, playername, location and if it’s online or no (can be used to discover cheaters (25 man on a 10 man raid) (.group list changed to do mostly this)

mod xp command to allow gm to reward the xp of one quest after core crash. Thx Guybrush.

More hooks. Lots and lots of hooks.

Support for Damage Taken/Healing Done in arena’s. Even though it’s not used by the core, it is extremely useful for custom scripts/websites. (e.g. https://github.com/Takenbacon/wowarmory/blob/0a32529b0e698475daf6eb56519456f475d6a1cf/patch/Trinity/0001-Updated-armory-patch.patch#L84)

Additional control over movement behavior would be nice.


  1. A distinct spawn point separate from movement center point (e.g. mob spawns at A, moves to B, then starts random movement). Some examples: birds spawning at very high Z points and then flying down into place before pathing, undead/earth elementals spawning below ground and moving up, spiders spawning from within webs, whelpings spawning at nests, kobolds spawning at unreached nooks in a cave, etc.

  2. A specified swim speed (rather than simply half movement speed). This would allow certain mobs to realistically swim faster than they walk (crocs, threshers, etc)

  3. A defined “roost” point where a mob periodically moves to and performs an optional emote for a specified time (ex: wyverns/birds/dragons periodically roosting on a nest, carrion birds periodically returning to a skeleton, dryads periodically going to a moonwell, etc)

For a second there, I thought you were talking about rbac, and I got this hilarious picture in my head of a player that can move any direction but forward, because each direction has its own rbac permission, and his forward moving permission was revoked /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

lol, that’s better than banning

Hi Guys,

Please forgive me if this was discussed before I haven’t found any similar topics. Is this possible to create separate server rates for group or / and raid dungeons?
Also currently we have only server rates for health / mana but not for damage or spell power. This doesn’t give any flexibility, as I can increase my char’s health but I can’t increase the damage. I would really appreciate if you can advise. Thank you very much in advance.

+illusion It’s possible to code it, but the configs don’t exist right now

I actually coded a qc command before but still required a player to use it. In the console it would output if it was bugged or not. This also requires that a table contain what is bugged and what isnt (this list should also be there to list quests to fix which was its original purpose.)

I may work on some of the command related ideas and push to 3.3.5/4.x and 6.x if they are using the same commandscript layout.

It would be great /emoticons/default_smile.png

If someone wants to make a list of what I should make or which I should do first would be awesome lol I can’t decide which yet

These things are mostly not priority so just pick something interesting to you and have fun /emoticons/default_smile.png


it would be nice to have that feature, I don’t know why TrinityCore dropped(or never implemented) it