Reading mmtile files


I am trying du develop a small library to read mmtile files.

But i must be missing something.

For what i read from the trinitycore code (branch 3.3.5) here is the file format :

But i still have some extra bytes, making me think that i have made a mistake.

Can anyone have some informations about the mmtile files, or is there a documentation about this file format ?

Thx :slight_smile:


2 bytes of implicit padding in PolyDetail (after last field)

You also have Rad twice in offmesh connection

Hello Again,

Thx a lot Shauren for the quick answer !!

It was the padding, the double Rad was a Google Sheet bad copy paste.

It works has expected now :slight_smile:

now that I can read the mmaps and mtiles files I would like to go further.

However, I am looking for informations.

If anyone has a few minutes, to tell me what is the purpose of the different generated map, mmaps, mtile, vmaps, camera etc. files.

just one line per file type, I would just like to know the type of information contained and the purpose of this information.

Thx :slight_smile: