Reference table for `npc_vendor` table

This is Kylroi’s idea that came into discussion about the npc_vendor table.

I’m posting it here rather than on Issue Tracker because this is a suggestion and not a bug report and because idea behind it is valid and genuine.

His exact quote from 4.3.4 DB comment:

Fair enough. I just know that it’s preferred to use a reference template if something is used more than once. With loot_template and npc_trainer supporting reference entries, it just seemed logical that npc_vendor should, too. If not, then a lack of vision was certainly behind the development of the table implementation. It certainly wouldn’t be difficult to implement, though.

It’s rather true… There are a lot of vendors that are using same data. Pure examples would be T11 vendors from that issue, Mount Vendors, Reagent vendors…

Suggestion is quite simple…

Can you make/implement reference table for npc_vendor table.

Doesn’t have to be a new table, it could be something like the way it is done for npc_trainer(

That’s what I was actually thinking of. I made the mistake of assuming that npc_vendor already worked the same way as npc_trainer. As my issue ticket comment said, it wouldn’t be difficult to implement, and I was thinking of the same mechanism as npc_trainer when I said is.