Reforging 3.3.5a


Just dropping by to publish Trinitycore reforging script that I made over a year ago … or 2,
but never finished the blizzlike version of it.

Get it:

What does it do?
Change 40% of your item’s stat to something else.
Sends item packets so you can see the changes on item tooltips
Simple and easy to use interface

Good script

player->ADD_GOSSIP_ITEM_EXTENDED(GOSSIP_ICON_INTERACT_1, slotname, RESTORE, slot, “Really remove transmogrification fromnn”+std::string(slotname), 0, false);

change “Really remove transmogrification from” in Really remove reforge from

Ahh, nice note. Didnt think clearly.

hey ! love your work Rochet2! /emoticons/default_wink.png

found this errors on osx with gcc4.7.3!

Hmm, yes they should return const char* where it says char*

I guess I used at, which is C++11 function :<

Try using [] operator in place of the .at

and change char* to const char*.

Edit: Or just download it again.

oops… spoke before checking facts /emoticons/default_smile.png

move along, nothing to see here…

Update :@

Fixed item load and removing.

Reforges would not be loaded on restart.

Read the readme

Most often ppl make a mistake somewhere (they install the whole patch manually and forget a piece) OR

you need a full recompile. ( clean solution, compile ).

Try seeing startup errors also. /emoticons/default_smile.png

this is for 3.3.5a, not vanilla …

No, there is no config.

help me, compiles without errors, but does not work, does not display items
screen [/URL][URL=“%7Boption%7D”]

provide info about the items and check the requirements for the items.

The items likely do not match the reforging requirements.

Error 1 error C4263: ‘void REFORGE_PLAYER::OnLogin(Player *)’ : member function does not override any base class virtual member function C:UsersusernameDownloadsTrinityCoresrcserverscriptsCustomReforging.cpp 335

Error 2 error C4264: ‘void PlayerScript::OnLogin(Player *,bool)’ : no override available for virtual member function from base ‘PlayerScript’; function is hidden C:UsersusernameDownloadsTrinityCoresrcserverscriptsCustomReforging.cpp 372

Thought I would pass this one, because I have no clue what this error is. This is compiling in Windows, and I do most of my compiles in Linux, and Linux doesn’t give any errors…

Linux is wrong if it doesnt error on this then.

The error is rather clear that OnLogin(Player *) is not overriding any function. And it should.

It should override OnLogin(Player *,bool). Correct the login hook.

And yesm … the patch needs an update and some rewrite.

This was updated recently.

the .patch file doesn’t seem to have the SQL?

Weird indeed.

I suggest using diff or direct merge.

Patch has other issues as well often.

Thanks to zdco, Reforging now has a bug and exploit fixed.