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How to set the level requirement to enter the land? eg Outland lvl 70

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The required level or completely prohibit entry into the Outland and Northrend

I believe restricting access entirely should be just as simple as using ‘.account set addon [account] 0’ across each account, or if you want to get clever, write an sql query to update the entire ‘expansion’ column of the auth.account table to be 0.

When do as you write, I will not be able to create draenei and blood elf;)
I thought so

That is true, but there’s a solution to that too. Change the ‘expansion’ field on each line of the ‘world.race_expansion_requirement’ table to 0. That should solve that problem.

On the above note:

When I query that table I get the results:

[ul][li]‘1’, ‘0’ //Human[/li]
[li]‘2’, ‘0’ //Orc[/li]
[li]‘3’, ‘0’ //Dwarf[/li]
[li]‘4’, ‘0’ //Night Elf[/li]
[li]‘5’, ‘0’ //Undead[/li]
[li]‘6’, ‘0’ //Tauren[/li]
[li]‘7’, ‘0’ //Gnome[/li]
[li]‘8’, ‘0’ //Troll[/li]
[li]‘9’, ‘1’ //Goblin[/li]
[li]‘10’, ‘1’ //Blood Elf[/li]
[li]‘11’, ‘1’ //Draenei[/li]
[li]‘22’, ‘1’ //Worgen[/li]
[li]‘24’, ‘1’ //Pandaren (Neutral)[/li]
[li]‘25’, ‘1’ //Pandaren (Alliance)[/li]
[li]‘26’, ‘1’ //Pandaren (Horde)[/li]
And I’m just wondering if this is a mistake and really it’s supposed to show:

[ul][li]‘1’, ‘0’[/li]
[li]‘2’, ‘0’[/li]
[li]‘3’, ‘0’[/li]
[li]‘4’, ‘0’[/li]
[li]‘5’, ‘0’[/li]
[li]‘6’, ‘0’[/li]
[li]‘7’, ‘0’[/li]
[li]‘8’, ‘0’[/li]
[li]‘9’, ‘3’ //Cata[/li]
[li]‘10’, ‘1’ //BC[/li]
[li]‘11’, ‘1’ //BC[/li]
[li]‘22’, ‘3’ //Cata[/li]
[li]‘24’, ‘4’ //MoP[/li]
[li]‘25’, ‘4’ //MoP[/li]
[li]‘26’, ‘4’ //MoP[/li]
EDIT: Upon further examination, this isn’t a mistake, and just a weird blizzlike quirk of the database.

mhm i test it, but i think is good idea :slight_smile:

thanks for help :slight_smile:

hmm I not well understood. I’m sorry but I mean I speak English.

I think I need to create such a table world.race_expansion_requirement anywhere because I can not find it.

Or simply use disables table to disable map 530.

“2” “530” “0” “0” “0” “disable outland”

not work for me

the table is in the ‘world’ database. It’s ‘race_expansion_requirement’. It contains the data I previously listed above.