Regarding Bounties being solved


I was wondering if there is a pride issue related to fixing errors/problems that have bounties attached to them?

Are there developers who dont want to be “that guy” who did something for a payment?

I cant fix those problems, I wish I could. Some of them seem to be in the easy department.

Or are the bounties to small to make any movement for those problems?

Just wondering.

Its not that noone wants to be “that guy” always. Working on this project is something I do for fun in my free time - I choose to work on things I find interesting and in most cases this does not align with what others find interesting or even important.

I think there’s also the issue of not being sure of the proper way to implement some things. Of course, being a community project, we can’t blame the “official” developers when anyone could be writing patches or processing their own sniffs for missing data and submitting them.

This doesn’t just apply to the issues with bounties but I feel one of the problems with contributing is not knowing the proper way of doing something.

For instance- quest fixes, I don’t have the time or opportunity to sit in IRC asking question after question on how to properly implement SmartAI scripting and detailed information is seriously lacking. There is a steep learning curve for a beginner to get involved and the documentation just isn’t there to ease that.

FWIW: I’ve closed my bounties that were fixed and unclaimed from over a year ago. I donated the pledged money towards the project to open bounties for itself. (I also opened a few more bounties.)

I’m looking forward to accepting fixes.

So, it’s been a few weeks and I’m looking to open a few more bounties. Link the issues from the issue tracker for 3.3.5 or 6.x you would like to see a bounty added to and I’ll open up the bounties tomorrow. :slight_smile: