[REJECTED][Complete] Candy Bucket (Hallows End)[REJECTED]

All the Candy Buckets in the Inns and Taverns

-----> Biohazard: HACK / INVALID: Method is WDB and should NOT be altered

UPDATE `quest_template` SET `Method`=0 WHERE `Title`=`Candy Bucket`; [/SQL]

ou sh*t man… what about IN ()? :smiley:

and how about

UPDATE `quest_template` SET `Method`=0 WHERE `Title`=`Candy Bucket`;[/CODE]

? /emoticons/default_smile.png

this is probably the easiest way

It might be HeidiSQL, I tried that and it updated just 1 record. lol

I removed ‘Limit 1’ /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

everybody started one time and everybody learns by his mistakes

Better to update a table by its index. So better to use IN.

Never EVER use name columns to defines stuff like this (lack of better words). Just go and write out all the quest IDs…

UPDATE quest_template SET Method=‘0’ WHERE (Title=‘Candy Bucket’);

try this /emoticons/default_smile.png

Wow… really?

No, serious. Really?

The only difference between your query and theirs is that you put brackets, which make no difference in this case, and you added quotes to the zero which are against our codestyles…

yes really, because

UPDATE quest_template SET Method=0 WHERE Title=Candy Bucket;

does not work for me. /emoticons/default_tongue.png

i just change the flag to auto accept and auto complete. Work perfect but i dont think its blizzlike

From what I gather, a more proper “fix”. Don’t know if its blizzlike but it works for me and I’m just a newb at this SQL stuff.

– Hippie Hallow’s End Candy Bucket fix

UPDATE quest_template SET Method=0 WHERE entry IN (12286,12331,12332,12333,12334,12335,12336,12336,12337,12338,12339,12340,12341,









Last year (when I spawned the candy buckets) these quests were working fine, why aren’t they working anymore?

(And, if setting method to 0 is correct (which I doubt), the query “UPDATE quest_template SET Method=0 WHERE Title=Candy Bucket;” is fine. No idea what’s up with all the nitpicking)

hack == WRONG

Method == WDB field, should not be used!

Since when is it correct to use name params to change something?

Since it is retarded to list 120 quest ids when they all have in common their name.

I remember reading somewhere long ago we were never allowed to use name params in those cases but I guess you’re right. /emoticons/default_smile.png

Still this applys. Not really a clue what the correct fix would be, can someone enlighten me?

Figuring out what changed, core-wise, to the quests since one year ago (when this was working) might lead to a proper fix.