[REJECTED][Complete] Junkboxes Needed[REJECTED]

-- "Junkboxes Needed". Changes the requirements to all classes.

update `quest_template` set `ZoneOrSort`=36 where `entry`=8249;


  • classes other than Rogues cannot pick up this quest, which is not Blizzlike because this quest is used mainly for the Insane title achievement. The reason other classes couldn’t pick it up was because the ZoneOrSort value was set to -4 (Rogue) and the core interpreted it as a Rogue quest. This change makes the quest fall in under Alterac Mountains category therefore making it available for all classes (hack, perhaps?)

Please reply to this thread with reason. Simple replies such as “wrong” and thereafter closing the thread isn’t helping at all. Thank you.


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Yes, unfortunatly it is a hack. The -4 comes for WDB caches and sniffs and we shouldn’t change it.

Some time ago mangos did something with ZoneOrSort and other quest_template field that made this quest work and it didn’t seem hackish.

I will try to find their commit.


Here it is, thanks Aokromes for the link!



ancient hackfix for it, not accepted any of the times it has been suggested

EDIT: that mangos fix makes sense to me…

Indeed it does.

How would anyone fix this issue taking in mind with the MaNGOS patch and apply it onto TrinityCore? Is that even possible?

If not, it seems the only fix would be the hack… Or am I wrong?

Yes it is possible but so far no one wanted to do it.