[REJECTED]Help with CraftedWeb[REJECTED]

While installing this CMS, I got this on Step 3… I am 98% sure I did everything correctly.

[SIZE=12px][FONT=Consolas][info]Connecting to database…[/FONT][/SIZE]

Warning[SIZE=12px][FONT=Consolas]: mysql_connect() [[/FONT][/SIZE]function.mysql-connect[SIZE=12px][FONT=Consolas]]: Access denied for user ‘root’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES) in[/FONT][/SIZE]/home/u184432716/public_html/install/functions.php[SIZE=12px][FONT=Consolas] on line [/FONT][/SIZE]81

[SIZE=12px][FONT=Consolas][FAILURE]Could not connect to the database. Please restart the installation.[/FONT][/SIZE]

[SIZE=12px][FONT=Consolas] [/FONT][/SIZE]

Access denied error means something in your config is wrong.

Also, isn’t this the wrong site to be posting something like this?

its simple, first of all your have entered wrong login information for your mysql server, check your config settings.

and i must ay this is not something that should be posted here on trinitycore website, since craftedweb has nothing to do with trinity itself.

i suggest you go to the craftedweb page on Ac-web where you can find your supoprt.

good luck.

Well I just thought I would post this here, since I am setting it up for my trinitycore server. Sorry if I actually am not supposed to post this here. Just desperate for help. I will have a look at everything that has been stated above. If all else fails, I will repost or edit this post saying it didn’t work.

So I made sure the MySQL login was correct and it was. The config file for this website, does not have anything in it. Since this website installs everything itself, the config code just tells me that I must install the website before anything is inside config.php. So I still cannot get it to work and am having the same problem as original post…

Well, none of us wrote the CMS, you should be talking to the author/current maintainer, not a bunch of people who have never even heard of it.

You have to give premission to connect the mysql.