[REJECTED]Quest 13041 Finish the shipment[REJECTED]

The NPC Timothy Jones # 28701 is suppose to have this quest, #13041 “Finish the Shipment” available at level 65, and jc level 375. It starts the daily quests after its completion.

I changed his phasemask to 3 and quest now shows and is optainable.

UPDATE `creature` SET `phaseMask`=3 WHERE `guid`=98589;

Tested: Y

TDB and Rev 11642

Been awhile since I put in a fix, please let me know if this is the correct place or if it needs to go somewhere else.

Thank you it has been edited, and put on the tracker.

This is the correct place if you would like something tested before submitting it to the tracker, or if it is incomplete work.

Anyway, if all you are doing is changing the phase, use an update statement /emoticons/default_smile.png

– Brian

why do you think changing his phasemask to 3 will fix him?, for this quest works fine for me…

If he has been fixed since the rev. I stated then it will not. However I have tried it on both live server, and a clean db and core on test server, it does not work, you can have all the requirements needed to get this quest and it does not show. So you can no then get the dailies after it either.

When I changed the phasemask to 3 the quest showed to the correct levels and was doable. Please let me know if there is another way, without changing wdb info.

What Rev are you on, if I may ask?

im ususally on head revision… (updating alot)

i just dont see why changing phasemask info will fix this quest, because the phasemask just determines if the npc is spawned, not what quest he is giving out…

also make the statement shorter:

UPDATE `creature` SET `phaseMask`=3 WHERE `guid`=98589;

I don’t know I guess Bio why the phasemask set to 3 worked, but it did. you could not see the quest and now you can. I thought that the phasemask was to be able to see things in different phases not just if its spawned. If I am wrong please let me know. Also thank you about the shorter statement.

RedSonja, just so we are clear…

With the phaseMask set to 1 (like it is before your fix) you can see the NPC but he has no quests available? No ! over his head? If that is the case, does he have ANY gossip, or just “there”.


Are we misunderstanding you, and the NPC doesn’t show at all because of the phasing issue.

– Brian

He was there, and no ! over his head, unless you already had gotten that quest before and already doing dailies.

He had no gossip before what I changed his phasemask, so maybe just a gossip problem but he was flagged to have gossip and there was gossip there, just not for someone that had not had the quest yet. I hope that makes sense.

i think it worked because you forced some sort of reload on the NPC, again i heard this quest was glichy, sometimes after a relog or just a certain ammount of time it did give out the quest, changing the phaseMask has NOTHING todo with questgiver abilities, hence there is no way that above fix is the valid fix for the issue (it changes something, that is not causing the issue, thus is invalid)

though i do agree that this needs some investigation, as it keeps popping @ trac as well

Ok thank you. As for forcing some kind of reload on the NPC, sorry I have no idea if that is what happend or not. I will be trying it on some others just to see what happens. I didn’t expect this to be accepted I guess anyway. Just thought I would share something that worked.

Edit: redid it on clean db and didn’t work there either. so only changed phasemask=3 and worked. was there each time. so definitely needs looking into.