[REJECTED][Quest] The Prophecy of Akida[REJECTED]

So after digging into the prob…I saw that in game, the cages were permanently open…

So, I looked into the code and I saw found the state of all bristle cages being state 1… but the type was 0

I was wondering is it correct if we set type to 3 ???:

UPDATE gameobject_template SET type=3 WHERE entry in (181714, 181720, 181721, 181722, 181723, 181724, 181725, 181726, 181727, 181728, 181729, 181730, 181731, 181732, 181733);

I have seen also the cage have a script…won’t it would activate somehow the script?

or if we change the state of cage to 0 … (as we know that 1 is only for chests)?

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For the third time:


Try changing the state instead.

I don’t think your reading the post after you make them. I like your zeal to fix stiff. I just wish you would take the time to learn not to change wdb data.

Unfortunately I don’t think he reads his topic at all. It’s cool to have a fixer, would be cooler if he actually fixes something.

well sorry guys… I really read my posts…

The thing is that I don’t change anything…only one fix of mine changed a npc id…but the rest added where nothing was written!

Take the example of my last quest chain…there is no data in db about what creature to kill

[CODE]For the third time:


Try changing the state instead. [/CODE]

I will try to remove the text from scriptname…maybe the script is blocking it

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Axell, do not change WDB fields. If it is 0 it is because it should be 0.