[REJECTED]Talents problem![REJECTED]

Hi…When i leveling up i dont receive talents /emoticons/default_sad.png I don’t know why…I let’s make Quest to Bonus talents = BROKEN

i make C++ changer tokens for talents = BROKEN…

when i use .mod tp 2 i receive two talents point, but i don’t know why wosn’t work Bonus talents in quest or C++ Changer /emoticons/default_sad.png( pLease help me.

Do you have clear core or you have some custom patch?

Did you change somethink in world configuration?

When I was ascent developer then people have the same problem when they make server with level cap 255.

Yea i use custom patch…i haven’t server with level 255 i have level 15

I modify too many core and please how can i upgrade Core to high version?

If you use Linux:

cd ~/TrinityCore/

git pull origin master

I dont know how about windows, I dont use it.

You can make new one. Just download newest revision from repo and copile.

Tell me what custom patch do you use. Maybe your custom patch made this bug.

I modify TalentTab + Talent.dbc + somes…


I can upload full patch

Im really sorry but I cant help you cuz modify dbc files are illeagal. Moderators will close this topic.

Uh…i let’s see i dont see new talent point in Talent tab but when i buy from C++ changer talent and i click on some spell i learned it!

But now i have only one problem :frowning: how can i save Unspent Talent point?When i buy from C++ changer and i relog i lost talent :///