So I figured out the ‘The Bastion Door’ in Stratholme no longer required a key as of some patches back. While taking the ‘Hoard Door’ as an example (which had no key requirement), I figured out the flags were wrong.

The following SQL should solve the problem, although I am not sure since I wasn’t able to test.

[CODE]-- Remove key requirement for The Bastion Door
UPDATE gameobject_template SET flags=32 WHERE entry=175967;[/sql]


Before, The Bastion Door’ had flags 34, which means “No despawn (never despawn, typically for doors, they just change state)” + “2 = Makes gameobject locked (requiring a key, spell, event to open)

So it should have flag 32 (never despawn) instead of 34 (never despawn + locked).


As of patch 3.2, the requirement for the The Scarlet Key to open the door has been removed.

As of 3.2 the bastion door is openable without the key now.

The key was also once used to open the Scarlet Bastion in Western Stratholme; this requirement was removed during patch 3.2.0.

Hope I helped!


You may be correct /emoticons/default_smile.png

Yeah, but… item_template? /emoticons/default_tongue.png

FYI sniff is good since 3.2 went live on 4 August 2009

I apologize. I meant gameobject_template

The data fields are all zero. All of them.

I am using TDB. For some reason it has flags 34 for me! Are you sure you didn’t already apply this?

Renamed item_template to gameobject_template!

Yes, I’m sure I never changed those flags.

It’s 32 here too.

I guess you can close it than. I never ever touched this though, strange. o_O

I apologize!