{REQ} Timed Event Script

yet another idea, Well here it go’s

This is very Simple But very hard to do as ive been told. The ability to have a quest start a creature script that is a count down… at the end of the count down
preferably set each event via DB and the ability to set the time limit via db.

To Be Considered Finished it must do :

[ul][li]Timmer Started by Quest accept. [/li][li]The ability to setup more than one timed event via DB[/li][li]The ability to setup time via DB[/li][li]The ability to set to Kill Player / Kill NPC / TelePort Player to Pre-defined location via DB / [/li][/ul]

Optional Things i would like to see are :

[ul][li]The ability to set phase on quest accept / End of Timed event. [/li][li]The ability to reward faction or Item at end of timed event. [/li][/ul]

“Technically” you can do this in SAI

Just gotta find someone who can do it in SAI /emoticons/default_smile.png