[Request 7.X] FileData Hotfix ?

Hey there ! Nice work on the 7.0.3 version =)

With Legion, all db2 (wdb5) can be used in hotfixes, that’s great, but i have a doubt about the filedata ids.

Since a legion build, the old db2 file is gone, and all the filedatas id are located in the root file, in the casc system.

Did you plane to create an hotfix table, or something like that, for adding new filedatas_id ?

I see there are already some updates about filedatas id here https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/ed079553728b7d4f927890a6e521139f0bde7687

No. No mapping between FileDataId and FileName exists anymore.

You can still open a file by name (if you know it). Since TC does not need to know the name there are no plans to create such table

Oh ok, i see :frowning:

but how to know the filedata’s id?