[Request] Account/Character Copy

Hello, is possible to make via parsed .txt a copy of the Account and/or character?

I have a Blood Elf paladin with 3k achievement points, full epic gear, 50 mounts etc… I want this character on my server too! So i go sniff on retail or any other server, parse the sniff and via sql make the copy of the character…

Upgrade of the software:
It could also update an existing character

I don’t know if a software like that already exist, but I think it’s a great idea!

Well, my suggestions are:

[ol][li]Take a look at AskMrRobot addon (especially the part where they get the current equipped gear, talents, etc)[/li]
[li]How to import (via PHP website)[/li]
Insert Character Entry (characters table)

		[li]Insert Inventory Entries with ID of inserted character[/li]			
		[li]Do same (as in part 2.2) for all others tables[/li]			

[li]So you are basically done with importing, if you've successfully completed steps in [B]Part 2[/B][/li]	

And a bit of pseudo code (PHP) how you can implement such thing:

<?php require_once ('../vendor/autoloader.php'); use /Classes/Entities/Character as Character; use /Classes/Entities/Inventory as Inventory; use /Classes/Entities/Talent as Talent; use /Classes/Core/Database as Database; $database = new Database('', 'username', 'password'); $charactersTable = $database->useCharactersTable(); try { $fileHandler = fopen('path/to/the/character/dump.txt'); $character = new Character($fileHandler); $parsedCharacter = $character->parse(); $talents = new Talent($parsedCharacter->getTalents()); $gear = new Inventory($parsedCharacter->getGear()); $characterID = $charactersTable->createEntry($character->getCharacterData()); $charactersTable->insertTalents($characterID, $talents); $charactersTable->insertGear($characterID, $gear); // Do other inserting stuff..... fclose($fileHandler); unlink('path/to/the/character/dump.txt'); } catch (Exception $e) { echo "Encountered error while tried to process character dump"; }