Request CrossFaction BattleGround

Request CrossFaction BattleGround , i need 3.3.5 trinitycore +

The patches doesn’t work with current TC commit.

That was the patch I used before but I had a lot of crashes. Issue number 12987.

Now with changes in TC the patch isn’t valid.

Crossfaction patch = stupidity, you can change the min number of players required to play that battleground.

Crossfaction patch is meant for very low populated servers

Or for server with to much population of one faction.

Public crossfaction code for trinitycore is not meant for use anywhere /emoticons/default_tongue.png

What a shame… /emoticons/default_sad.png

I love people ranting on about others being stupid when they do not understand the concept at all.

The benefit of crossfaction BG’s is that we eliminate the need of teams being balanced, in case you didn’t how private server linkin is forbidden had hours of queue if you were playing as alliance. now when they got cfbg queues are almost instant. And that is why i made it, and yes it also helps small servers, but if teams were balanced it would not really matter what population the server had.

So you’re wrong and you’re the one being stupid.

There’s already public crossfactions for download, however they are all having bugs and bad deeffects, wouldn’t really recommend it without having someone to fix up the issues.

I find it useless

Others do not, remember that the next time you call something that has the potential to be of use as stupid.