[Request] Patch to Decrease Icecrown Citadel with 20% damage

I make a request to decrease damage with all spells of icecrown citadel. If not need a patch. Please talk me how to decrease damage.



Have you tried VASAutoBalance? I believe it can do that and more though it may not yet handle DoT.

i think he plays on Official/Pirate Cata server and want something like dragon blessing debuff on all creatures in Dragon Soul =)

btw, look in icecrown.cpp and other icecrown scripts for dmg multipliers

I may be wrong, but:

SELECT entry, name, dmg_multiplier FROM creature_template LEFT JOIN creature ON entry = id WHERE map = 631;

Will give you all the id’s (even more, guess you`ll have to filter it by npc flags or something) you need, damage can be adjusted and db level.