REST-on-the-SOAP - We want help from YOU!

Hi everyone!

We’re looking for new developers to assist with enhancing TrinityCore with proper SOAP/REST-based webservice-support - there’s no pay, but a lot of glory!

People that wants to get involved will get :
*) a free copy of the TrinityCore sourcecode (available on GitHub, all yours for the picking!)
*) opportunities to swear at the other devs in our IRC developers-channel (who doesn’t want to do this?)

*) lots of gray hair (unless hairless, like me)

*) your code inside one of the most fun codebases to work on

What we’re aiming for:

*) To actually start using the gSoap-library we’ve got in the sourcetree for something else than just being a mediator between executeCommand and prettified XML output.

*) Exposing more functions to the public than is currently done - we have 1 (one) function active per today - we’re really awesome-sauce aren’t we?

Some minor, but important, requirements:

*) You need to know how to code in C++.

*) You need to understand how SOAP/REST works.

*) You need to have a keen eye for details to avoid doing the same funny/silly/scary/whatever mistakes that the rest of us do all the time… /emoticons/default_biggrin.png

If YOU want to assist in creating this, please give us a note here on the forums, or on IRC for those of you wandering by there!