Revive at current place

Need change revive players on the current place.After death click release spirit than possible button ressurect now.How to make it?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand… This is not English.

Sorry for my bad english.I need make revive at current place where you die.Maybe its easy to understand)

This already happens. Players click “Resurrect Now” over their dead corpse.

I am sure he is talking about not having to ghost walk back to his corpse.

DROP TABLE game_graveyard_zone;

If that table is empty, then you will be able to immediately resurrect where you die.

– Brian

I wouldn’t drop it. Truncate it instead if that’s what you want to do.

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TRUNCATE TABLE game_graveyard_zone;

If you ran that DROP statement, I can give you the code to recreate the table. The core will start with the table empty, but it won’t if the table is missing /emoticons/default_tongue.png

– Brian

With that table without data it will resurrect on “emergency” graveyards, not on place.

EDIT: my bad… using github to try and search though code is not the greatest way /emoticons/default_smile.png

[CODE]void WorldSession::SendSpiritResurrect()
_player->ResurrectPlayer(0.5f, true);

_player->DurabilityLossAll(0.25f, true);

// get corpse nearest graveyard
WorldSafeLocsEntry const* corpseGrave = NULL;
Corpse* corpse = _player->GetCorpse();
if (corpse)
    corpseGrave = sObjectMgr->GetClosestGraveYard(
        corpse->GetPositionX(), corpse->GetPositionY(), corpse->GetPositionZ(), corpse->GetMapId(), _player->GetTeam());

// now can spawn bones

// teleport to nearest from corpse graveyard, if different from nearest to player ghost
if (corpseGrave)
    WorldSafeLocsEntry const* ghostGrave = sObjectMgr->GetClosestGraveYard(
        _player->GetPositionX(), _player->GetPositionY(), _player->GetPositionZ(), _player->GetMapId(), _player->GetTeam());

    if (corpseGrave != ghostGrave)
        _player->TeleportTo(corpseGrave->map_id, corpseGrave->x, corpseGrave->y, corpseGrave->z, _player->GetOrientation());
    // or update at original position
// or update at original position


I have NO IDEA what happened here – my post got mangled all to crap.

When I get home I’ll try to post my findings again, but at first glance it looks like if no graveyard is found it teleports you to the closest one – take that out, and viola.

– Brian

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TRUNCATE TABLE game_graveyard_zone;

just teleport you in Crossroads for the horde and Westfall for Ally near spirit. But i found answear in this topic. Hope its help

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