SAI PvP Guard

Hi Guys:)
Just saw a thread about a Warden NPC who makes PvP people stun and after that teleport to shattrath.
I Tried everything, but i cant make it work, but i read thats not working anymore. I Tried to make a new script, but i cant find any proper way to script it from SAI.

Any ideas?

I Don’t think it’s possible thru SAI, the only action close to that is “SMART_ACTION_TELEPORT” but it only makes the mob teleport itself and not a player, so basically, that function is not yet implemented, but if someone finds a way i’d be interested in it too /emoticons/default_tongue.png

Though, if u don’t mind being a little cruel, you can make the mob kill the player if a given amount of seconds have passed and the player is still around…

i forget how i fixed it because it was so long ago although i remember it being something simple like changing the creatures flag or faction in the DB.