Scripting Priest Spell Divine Star


I have already post an issue on github about this spell, and as it’s post there I’ve been trying to script it by myself and this is what !'ve got so far.

-I’ve scripted the events related to the OnUnitEnter() so the areatriggers heals on enter or it deals damage depending on the unit:

The real problem appears when trying to make the areatrigger move. Currently I’dont really have any idea how to achieve this. According to the virtual methods of the AreaTriggerAI there are some methods that are called when it reaches certain position, like it destination but I have not found any method to make the areatrigger move. Did I miss it or it still doesn’t exist? if it doesn’t, is there other to achieve this?

Thanks for any kind of help.

I fixed this spell divine star on my server with others like consecration for pallies just haven’t done the update until I get my application done for database editing which I will then update when I am done then do a pull request to get this updated to trinitycore master

Thanks for answering!

Do you know how long would it take? I would really thank you if you could share a snippet where the movement it’s added to the areatrigger because I would like to script other spells with similar mechanics like Monk’s Chi Burst or Hunter’s Explosive Shot

I am waiting for the implementation of area template to be committed into master branch

it’s merged already, since 29 jan.

Thanks Aokromes I am so glad you pointed that out and here this whole time I was thinking that it still hadn’t been merged yet. I am glad that’s been done I can also work on the pallies consecration which will be cool to have done since it does not have any effect nor damage to it.