Scripting TrailBlazer


I have been working on fixing some survival hunter spells, and I’m planning to make PR with my fixes in the near future, but currently I’m in trouble when trying to fix this spell, TrailBlazer.

There are two versions, the MOD_INCREASE_SPEED_ALWAYS aura, and the one SPELL_AURA_DUMMY which it’s the one applied when the talent is learnt:

talent: aura:

[ATTACH]2134._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2135._xfImport[/ATTACH]

I did look how other spells with similar working were scripted, and I did find Sniper Trainig. It’s an old talent that it required to stand still for 6 seconds before applying a buff, but it’s effect was an SPELL_AURA_PERIODIC_TRIGGER_SPELL that would check the conditions on every tick.

But this aura does not tick, so how can I check if the conditions are met?

My thoughts were checking on each Player::Update() or something similar, but I don’t feel very confident about this idea…

So, can somebody point me out a little a bit or does somebody know a better way to fix this spell?

I have checked that we spend the time asking in the forums of Trinity, go to IRC to see if you have better luck.