Server runs only @localhost


i have a WoW Server Core but only run on localhost (, i have install (unpack) the Core and all oher Datas on my Server (Windows Server 2016) and change the Realmlist (HeidiSQL) to my Server IP-Adress (192.168.178.XX), but my gaming PC can’t find the Server ervyone have a Idea ?

What can i make to connect to my Server with my gaming PC with WoW-Client

Thanks for Help.

I’m assuming you are “unpacking” a core repack. You are also (from what I can tell) configured your DB to a local IP.

Start here:

This looks like a repost of the topic below with a different repack…

Same advice as before, compile it yourself if you want support on these forums. Or check the appveyor links in this topic:

try change worldconf → server bind ip