Server status + push notifications to mobile devices

Years ago when I was a WoW admin I have an idea - share server status to gamers with mobile devices.

Time has gone, server is closed but idea still alive.

And result: service

Idea is very simple: you as wow admins create new community (community of your server), gamers download applications, typing your community key - and subscribe to your community.

You need to update it (full html) and also you can send push notifications to gamers.

I wrote a small script (multi realm support etc) - (readme included)

Winphone client almost done.

P.S. I think it’s not an advertisement, because I just want to share library for trinitycore server. If something wrong - just tell and I will update start topic.

Service just released. And feedbacks, bug reports are welcome.

Also I have idea how to deliver personal notify only to one user. For example - links get check device → community → account in WoW. Notify about new in-game mail or something like this.
If you will make a decision to use this service - you will have personal support /emoticons/default_smile.png

A huge update!

Winphone client released (beta) -

Account linking (device <—> account in WoW) for personal push notifications from server (such as new ingame mail) - work is done!

Wow! Great Job!!

Thanks! Soon I will try to record video how its works (tested on my local server, last clean trinity - everything is ok).
Just when is some character receiving in game mail - account owner can see new push on his device.

This image shows how it’s works:

Wow this is brilliant. Any plans for Android? /emoticons/default_smile.png

It’s works for android, iOS and winphone /emoticons/default_smile.png

How can we create a community ?

Just login to and click button “create community”.