short command teleport

hello, how can i create set a short command teleport for a place just like “.tele dalaran” but short like .dala ?

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look at the original .teleport command and create another one called “dala” copy the code from “teleport” and pre set it to “teleport dalaran”

im set my XYZ in gps in game_tele table and save it by wow, and set that as command in command table by wow.

when im type. tele wow thats work fine.

but i wanna when players type .wow teleport player there.

where is .teleport command ?

edit this line right ?

static ChatCommand commandTable[] = { { "tele", rbac::RBAC_PERM_COMMAND_TELE, false, NULL, "", teleCommandTable }, { NULL, 0, false, NULL, "", NULL } }; return commandTable; }

you need to create a new command, not edit an existing one. I#m not at home, so I cannot give you an example right now