Small Fix To Thorim @ Temple Of Storms


Sorry for not doing this via Issuetracker, but I don’t know how to actually write the SQL query to make this change. Anyway, Thorim at the Temple of Storms in TDB44 has the wrong modelid. Right now he’s still in his old placeholder Vrykul model. GUID is 97128, and the correct modelid is 28977. If I just go into TDB and change the modelid directly, though, he no longer sits on his throne, so something else probably needs to be changed.

Regardless, hope that helps!

What does not knowing how to do the SQL have to do with not using the issue tracker?

I was under the impression that a working fix should be posted into the issue tracker.

On tracker you can post bugs without fixes.

Still, let him attempt, self initiative is always nice

So, when you changed the model, he was there, but no longer seated?

All right - I’ll stick this in the bug tracker soon. And yes, Ric, that’s exactly it. Before, Thorim is seated on his throne, but in the old model. After I changed his modelid in the database, he has the right model but is standing.

After the modelid change, quests etc still seem to work, though there are minor issues there too: 1) I think the quest he’s offering should only unlock later in the quest chain, but am not sure, and 2) he doesn’t tell you what happened to Sif when you ask. Those issues are present on the original model Thorim as well, though.