Solo or 3 man a dungeon or raid (Request)

I’d like some help or a little nudge to the right direction regarding scripts, patches and how to apply them, and other need to know information. I’m talking about being able to solo dungeons or raids, or maybe with the help of 2-3 people since I’m only playing on LAN with my siblings. So far I’ve tried Solocraft but the scaling on the stats are horrible and spell casters do not receive any significant buffs except for a boost in HP and MP. I’d like to try VAS Autobalance but each time I apply the patch to the source directory it fails. I’m applying it via Git Bash. I’ve also tried to apply it via Git Extensions but always tells me that it has the wrong e-mail address. I’m at an impasse and would like some help or pointers from anyone who’s willing to lend a hand. Have a great day everyone and thanks.