[SOLVED]Blink - & other - bugs

Blink teleports through walls. I am assuming, that if this is the case, also other spells are bugged such as hunter disorienting spell or generally all fear spells.

Any idea how can i solve these issues? If it is the case with these spells, im sure there are countless of bugs similar to those. Might there be a quick fix for all similar issues? I’ve heard something about “AzerothCore” that it solves these issues, but isn’t that a totally different Core for the game?
In need of help asap

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1st law update your core before trying to report a bug.

It’s a fresh compile, around 1-2 months ago. Shouldn’t the core already be up-to-date? Im a bit confued as to why i am experiencing thing.

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on 1 month we pushed 222 commits (fixes) on 2 months 388, no, 1 or 2 months is not “up-to-date”, not even 1 week is.

Alright. I am currently trying to solve a compiling error (it is most probably bcz of some custom script i added). After that i’ll try to update the core, following the trinitycore guide. If i encounter any issues i will make sure to ask.

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“C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\git.exe” pull --progress “origin”
error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:
Please commit your changes or stash them before you merge.

Press Enter or Esc to close console…

Should i tick “Auto-stash” before pulling?

Okay, I tick-ed “Auto -stash” before pulling, and currently compiling. Will update you on what happens. Hopefully the bugs get fixed.

Will get back to further update you on what happens


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