[SOLVED]GameObject location from retail

Hello all,

Is it possible to get the spawn coordinates of a GameObject from the retail server ? In Legion there are a lot of unspawned objects in the DB and I can’t spawn correctly manually, I need coordinates to make a correct spawn.

do you think we spawn all gos and creatures manually?

No. That is why I am asking for this.

Nobody ?

I think what you’re asking is just what sniffing retail data is used for. Did you ever look at this post:


But I don’t have retail subscription at this time, so I can’t use this.

So basically you’re asking for official data! Don’t you think that it would be added to the TrinityCore database if it was present? :unsure:

@Polaretto I send a lot of sniff data from retail to Trinitycore team, but nobody work on that for now, and asign guid for our own, without supervision from Trinitycore team, dont help much more.

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