[SOLVED]List of programs needed to compile.

I’m trying to get the list of programs needed to compile 6.2.2 but the wiki is down can any one help?


On which platform are you?

On GNU/Linux, you’ll need GCC (of course), CMake, OpenSSL, Boost (1.59 for example), mysql server 5.6.x and ZeroMQ.

On Windows, I don’t know well but as far as I know, you’ll need Visual Studio Community (2013?), CMake, OpenSSL binaries, boost binaries, mysql server and ZeroMQ.

And wiki works at https://www.trinitycore.info

I’m using windows, I’m sorry I should have stated that. I tried to use the wiki but it’s down, in the requirements section it says "Navitabs License Missing"

The wiki is back up, now I have my answers thank you.

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