[SOLVED]Mobs set to neutral (not aggressive)

testing out northshire area for human and all the quests so far - all the mobs appear to be neutral (see screenshots). Shouldn’t they be aggressive to attack on site?



No, on official server npc also have neutral state. Yellow.

gotcha, didn’t know if that was a bug or not - couldn’t remember.

there was a quest to get ‘Garott’s head’ and to get grapes from the winery which the quest assumes you would have to tend with a bunch of mobs… but they are neutral. Kinda thinking those mobs might have been not neutral. ??

also .gm off

That feature was added during the Wrath expansion in all starting areas. They were hostile before WoTLK was released. That was designed for new players that never played wow prior to Wrath, so that they can customize their toolbars, tooltips, bags, etc for the first time while not being annoyed by the aggressive creatures.

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