[SOLVED]Visual Studio Community 64 bit???

Does anyone know where I can find a 64 bit version of visual studio community 2015 or 2017 that allows me to build the server in 64 bit instead of using 32 bit all the time. I find a 32 bit version of the application but cannot find a 64 bit version and when I try to download the 2017 version the file is unknown and wants to know what to open it with so not sure what is up with the download, thanks.

There is no 64 bit version of visual studio microsoft has many reasons for not making a 64 bit version right now and for the server make sure you download 64 bit version of cmake to allow for the server to be compiled in 64 bit and do not forget to make sure mysql is running 64 bit version of the server too

With 2017 what do you select when installing visual studio to get the compiling tools to compile the server with 2014 it was common tools for C++ but I don’t see that option on 2017 but not sure what features to select on 2017 there so many

you need to select “Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64” or 2017 equivalent on cmake to compile 64 bits version.

Thanks guys

Just to make it clear, neither Visual Studio nor CMake need to be 64 bits to be able to compile Trinity in 64 bits. However you need to use the 64 bits generators in CMake.

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