Spell_dbc spells (Effect 24 Create item)

There is a huge number of spells in spell_dbc with effect 24 create item many of these are the spells for creating items which are currently added using sai action 56 but should be added using spells,

an example is 37064 ‘Create Bundle of Bloodthistle’ which should create item ‘Bundle of Bloodthistle’

But upon trying to cast this spell you get the following: -

Craft spell 37064 not have create item entry.

Spell 37064 broken and not allowed to cast or learn!

My question is does anyone know how to fix these spells?

Normally when you get that error, it means that the item that the spell creates is not found in the database. Which patch is that spell from? I can’t find it in a 3.3.5 DBC (Which I know like the back of my hand.) Ive done alot of custom spells and the two times I get that error are when the Reagents or target item Id’s are invalid.