Spellwork help required

Hello everyone, I’ve tried to build this https://github.com/TrinityCore/SpellWork but when I am trying to run it nothing happens, no logs, no errors. Can someone help me with this please?

Antivirus can blocked running SpellWork (memory stuck). Disable antivirus and run SpellWork. After enable antivirus.

Or simply download precompiled builds.

@Ulduar I don’t have any antivirus I just have windows protection which I turned it off. @Aokromes you are welcome to provide me some links do download it for legion version.

The links are in the readme.

It still doesn’t help me

All the previous versions works for me except the Legion one

Brandmauer Windows also can blocked SpellWork.

I’ve tried to debug it and it points out to some System.AggregateException occurred in mscorlib.dll.