SpiritHealer / SpiritGuide

Can anyone please help me creating a working spirit healer, I’m trying to place them in WSG like one on each side and they would cast mass ressurection in a cycle like they do in normal BGs, thing is I have made WSG a normal area rather than it being a battleground, I’m creating a PvP Realm if anyone’s wondering why I’m doing this hehe :3

Thanks, Viz /emoticons/default_smile.png

Its pretty hard i guess… My friend who’s pretty handy in scripting tried creating a custom spirit healer casting mass resurrection spell over time but he couldn’t make it(yep more complicated then it looks like) … Thing is spirit healers are kinda coded and they only do there thing in the specific battleground zone…(and yes , i need it too for isle of conquest xD)

Use an alternative way? With a spirit of redemption: revive with an interaction with the NPC, like graveyard. Or maybe, try something with the valkyr, in acherus (starting DK zone) who revive you with a 30sec cooldown.

Valkyr na, I want players to spawn at the graveyard and ress there, or run to their corpse if they choose to, rather than waiting for a spirit guide to fly to him lol, thing is my friend has done this before for our old realm, but lost all contact with him and he’s nowhere to be found anymore due to his real life issues/work /emoticons/default_sad.png

Bump, I would like this too.

Well, I managed to make players spawn at the right points if they died in a certain zone (I edited WorldSafeLocs.dbc adding the two points, then linked them in game_graveyard_zone).

What’s left now is to make the custom spirit healer resurrect the ghosts near him.

Ever got any luck with this ?

I did move the battleground rez system to world, and it works : https://github.com/Hlkz/a39/commit/05690db05538fa38b043771f9cfe21a112709b20

(have fun decrypting that)

But I got a problem, when a ghost player is far from the spirithealer, and go near him, in Northrend or in BG, we have [SIZE=14px]HandleAreaSpiritHealerQueryOpcode.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]In Azeroth we dont. Then even if we [/SIZE][SIZE=14px]SendAreaSpiritHealerQueryOpcode, the client doesnt show the timer before rez.[/SIZE]

Please if someone knows how to solve this !

bump, anybody ?

if player get zoneId && if dead teleport X should solve it.

Bump, anything on this? trying to make a simple custom 1 spawn for allys 1 spawn for horde on a custom map (test01)