SQL Error starting up after updating today

[FONT=‘Courier New’]>> Applying update “2020_01_05_00_world.sql” ‘32B7F21’…
mysql: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
ERROR 1366 (HY000) at line 3: Incorrect string value: ‘\xD0\xA0\xD1\x83\xD0\xBD…’ for column ‘CompletionText’ at row 4[/FONT]

[FONT=‘Courier New’]Applying of file ‘/home/trinity/TrinityCore/sql/old/3.3.5a/world/19121_2020_01_15/2020_01_05_00_world.sql’ to database ‘trinity’ failed! If you are a user, please pull the latest revision from the repository. Also make sure you have not applied any of the databases with your sql client. You cannot use auto-update system and import sql files from TrinityCore repository with your sql client. If you are a developer, please fix your sql query.
Could not update the World database, see log for details.[/FONT]

The update would not apply because the encoding type of the table was not set correctly to support the language for “ruRU” locale text.

[FONT=‘Courier New’](12619,“ruRU”,"Рунический меч – это продолжение твоей руки. Рыцарь смерти – ничто без своего клинка. ",18019);[/FONT]

Running the following SQL command from phpMyAdmin fixed the issue and allowed the patch to go through.

[FONT=‘Courier New’]ALTER[/FONT] TABLE quest_request_items_locale CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8mb4;

I applied the same command to the “[FONT=‘Courier New’]quest_offer_reward_locale[/FONT]” table as well.