SQL help requested / disables table

Hello! I’m running a relatively recent Trinity Core server (02d7df6aa435 specifically), and I’m looking for some help setting it up as a ‘progression’ type server. I want to halt leveling at 60 and prevent travel to Outland / any of the Outland dungeons.

Stopping leveling at 60 is obviously easy in the worldserver.conf, and I understand there is a table called disables, but I’ll admit to not being 100% clear on how to use it. I also am aware of the Expansion configuration parameter, but from my reading of the configuration file, setting that to 0 would disallow the Burning Crusade races and Horde paladins/Alliance shaman, which is not something I want to do.

I’ve tried reading through https://community.trinitycore.org/topic/11601-solveddisabling-an-instance-with-disables-table/#comment-74480 and extrapolating, and I feel like I can figure out how to disable the early TBC dungeons, but I don’t have a clue how to disable traversal through the Dark Portal.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

The disables table is documented in our wiki, https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/disables

To disable the Dark Portal you need to either de-spawn the gameobject or disable the spell that teleports. At this moment I can’t check which one the old portal is using.

Would you have any idea how to determine the ID of the gameobject or the spell representing the Dark Portal, or even which one of those two objects is the one to be looking for?


I’ve actually gone into the gameobject_template and found five entries with the words “dark portal” in them:

19385, 19386, 21582, 175745, and 185103.

I think it’s either 19385, 19386, or 185103; I’m going to mess with disabling them one at a time to see which does the trick.

edit 2

Well, it’s none of those as far as I can tell. The only one my game reports as spawned in game is 185103, and that’s a book.

final edit

Well, I didn’t find out how to disable the dark portal, but I did find in the database where to redirect it. In areatrigger_teleport, ID 4352 controls where you land when you take the portal from Outland back to the Blasted Lands, and 4354 controls where you land when you take the portal from the Blasted Lands trying to get to Outland. Originally, this took you to target_map 530 with some xyz coordinates. All I did was set 4354’s target_map and coordinates to be equal to 4352, so that when I attempt to zone through the Dark Portal it simply teleports me about four feet backwards, as if I’d teleported through from the other side.