Static player stats? Armor formula and gt* DBCs

I’m looking for a way to set player 80-100 level to have the same damage done/stats.

I made already changes to most of gt*** DBCs, and made a proper client-side patch.

1 problem
Now: Stats seem OKAY (remain the same) for 80-100 levels, but it seem that there is no “armor per level” formula in DBCs, and I have a real trouble finding this in code on my own (it must be c++? It changes even for player level 100+, while DBCs does not support formulas for 100+). Can someone help me please?
2 problem
Player level 100 deal 25% (exacly or ~~) more dmg than player level 80 for some reason with malee (0 armor, the same weapons ,player stats & class ofc)
PS. I’m not C++ guy, but maybe this “issue” could be a reason of this:


Thank you so much for any help