Stuck in "dead" status

Hi there,

I have a problem, I could not find any solution for:

[ul][li]I have been playing WoW and died in the Netherstorm.[/li]
[li]On my way to my corpse, I missed a gap and fell into the nether.[/li]
[li]Now I can somewhat move around a few meters, but as I am already dead, I am stuck here. GM commands like “unstuck” or simply “die” don’t work as I need to be alive to execute them.[/li]
Any ideas on a solution?

Thanks, daHaimi

send gm commands to /g (works even without a guild because commands are handled before any other chat function)

Thank you! That did the trick! I didn’t know about that.

you can also always teleport and revive yourself using console.

pls delete