Suggestion: List of Zones You Need Sniffs For


Create a “sticky” topic that a dev / moderator can maintain which lists the various zones that have either no or few sniffs available.

Also include what specific sniff data you need: quest / rewards, spawns, etc.


While browsing topics here or on the issue tracker, I frequently see people who say they want to contribute but they don’t have enough programming knowledge. I thought that a good way to encourage these people is to give them something less technical to do.

If a developer or moderator could create a list of sniff data that is needed, some of these folks might be able to either create trial accounts (eg: if starter areas are needed) or perhaps log onto an old, high level character and get the info. For example:

[ul][li]Legend:[/li]Pending (being gathered)

[li]Received (processing)[/li][li]Open (need volunteer)[/li][/ul]

[li]Sniff data is needed for 6.x from the following[/li][ol]Elwynn Forest
All quest text / rewards

[li]Spawn / pathing data for creatures around Eastvale Logging Camp[/li]

[li]Stormwind[/li]	[ol]Quest text / Rewards from the Trade District

[li]Dungeon: Deadmines[/li] [ol]All creature spawn locations

[li]Creature auras[/li] [li]Creature combat spells[/li] [li]All lootable object spawn locations (eg: chests, mineral nodes)[/li] [/ol]

Then people could reply to the thread to volunteer by saying “I’ll work on 1.1” or “I’ll work on 1.2” or “I’ll work on all of #3” and the moderator / developer can edit the sticky with progress such as “received and processing”, “pending (being gathered)” or “open (need volunteer)”. Once an item is complete and part of the DB it can be removed from the list entirely.

Note: Status can change from “pending” to “open” if a previous volunteer decides (for whatever reason) they can’t do it, without any negative impact on said volunteer.

So far alerts for 4 likes on the OP but I don’t think anyone can see the “xyz likes this” tag, at least I can’t… If you support the idea, please leave a quick reply after clicking “Like” and perhaps someone with the proper privileges will consider it.


I support this. Seems like a good idea.

You come months to late, this is already created on tracker.

You mean the issue tracker? I didn’t see it, it’s not listed under “labels 6.x” or under “milestones” or “open issues labeled 6.x” or on the TrinityCore landing page or under a search for “sniffs”.

I don’t doubt that you’re correct but it seems like it isn’t particularly easy to find and you know I don’t typically post about things before trying to find info myself (generally /emoticons/default_wink.png ).

If you’re referring to random bug reports about missing spawns or flavor text, that’s hardly a comprehensive list that is easy to navigate, especially when most reports don’t even indicate “sniffs” in the title.

Thanks but that’s 434… I assumed people would understand the implied “for each client / core” since it makes sense to have a list for each and since we’re now on 6.x…

Also, “Empty Zones” is pretty generic and not very intuitive for newcomers. The title itself doesn’t necessarily indicate “missing sniffs”, it could simply mean that the data isn’t in the database yet.