team icon on ffa

[SIZE=14px][FONT=arial]Hello guys, I want players to see their team each other, even on FFA. (because players can switch faction without switch race, I put the team in the db)[/FONT][/SIZE]


[SIZE=14px][FONT=arial]I struggled with flags, team, factions but nothing worked.[/FONT][/SIZE]

enum UnitPVPStateFlags

player->SetByteFlag(UNIT_FIELD_BYTES_2, 1, 0x01); player->SetByteFlag(UNIT_FIELD_BYTES_2, 1, 0x04);

player->SetUInt64Value(PLAYER_DUEL_ARBITER, 1); player->SetUInt32Value(PLAYER_DUEL_TEAM, 1);
[FONT=arial](with addon like shadowedunitframes it works, but everybody doesn’t have this addon, with the duel system it works too, but I couldn’t extend this)[/FONT]

[SIZE=14px][FONT=arial]Anyone already did this, has an idea for how to do it ? Is that only client side ?[/FONT][/SIZE]
[SIZE=14px][FONT=arial]Please help me.[/FONT][/SIZE]

You cant.

Damn. Thanks for your quick answer.

is like alowing duel within same faction, so the target is with red and the team is showing, if that is what your point is?

Yes, exactly.

It is just I saw on amdwow 2.4.3 /emoticons/default_biggrin.png I wish it can be figured out how is done and im sure it has apart with duel system