Teleporter and a Jukebox for Trinity, Arcemu and Mangos


Teleporter for Arcemu, Mangos and Trinity

You do not need any c++, no compiling and there are no quests.


Teleporter, gossip, teleports to 130 places (All dungeons, raids, leveling zones, main cities, gurubashi arena and booty bay)

Spawn points for the tele npc and rune circle to all main cities, gurub and bootybay

Summoning effect for the npc (2 choises)

You only need one NPC to handle both factions.

All teleports have a level requirement according to the zone level or instance level requirement.

You can easily customize and modify the teleports


Jukebox for Arcemu, Mangos and Trinity

You do not need any c++, no compiling and there are no quests.


Jukebox, gossip, 600+ songs

You can stop the music you are playing at a Jukebox

Download and more at: [B][/B]

Temp site:

can’t open

The site should be fine.

I think some ppl have some weird problem with connecting though : /

I cant really share it as a download as its now customizable through a web form, I might change host at some point, but I doibt it.

Please post back if you can reach the site at some point.

nice teleporter master good work man thanks /emoticons/default_cool.png

this is the best teleporter you can find… easy to customize with More Menus without the problem of Compile/restart

easy to customize with More Menus without the problem of Compile/restart

Like the only one saying that .______.

Everyone just says great job etc. /emoticons/default_tongue.png

But anyways, it is always best to do a restart (ofc) :3

Restart just if it’s your first time adding it /emoticons/default_biggrin.png I use just reload when i change my menus /emoticons/default_happy.png .

can’t open the there another way?

No and I cant either.

Ill see what I can do.

You can now use this site when the other site is down:

Site back up

I’m waiting for your site reopen…

It seems to you better look for another stable working space.

Can’t get on your site so I guess I’ll report this here. The NPC spawn point in Ironforge should be moved a bit. I noticed during, I think it was Brewfest, there is a Vendor NPC (sells the strawberry ice cream) you can’t talk to because the TeleNPC is on top of him. Now during the Winter Festival, There is a Ticking Present under the tree that can’t be selected because of where the TeleNPC is. Also the TeleNPC is kinda behind/partway in the tree /emoticons/default_laugh.png It’s not like game-breaking or anything, I just thought you might like to know about it /emoticons/default_smile.png

Confirmed, I’ve seen this too in Ironforge.

@ Rochet2 - An idea would be to move the Tele NPC to the left side of the Bank entrance.

Thnx, ill check them soon :3

(stupid positive vote limit ._.)

I reopened the temporary site again.

I think ill leave it open for times like this (I am not online and/or site is down).

Ok. I have moved the teleporter, rune circle and the teleporting spot to the left side on all core versions.

Also checked if any other event was doing the same, but all other seemed to pass.

Thnx again for reporting :3

Been having this spawn point for half a year now and no other reports have been done .__.

I know, sad right? I just started using your teleporter but it’s been around for quite a while, you’d think SOMEone else woulda noticed! /emoticons/default_laugh.png/emoticons/default_tongue.png

So I’ve been poking around a bit. I haven’t actually loaded the jukebox yet but looking @ the pics you have of it, Isn’t the Teleport NPC in Ratchet right on top of the band if you choose to use both?

Hmm … good question.

The ansver is no, cause there are no spawns for the jukebox NPC at all.

I just used the same spot for some reason.

There are only gossip menus, gossip options, gossip scripts and the npc included in the Jukebox download.

Btw its booty bay.

HA! wow, I must have been really tired last night…ya I meant Booty Bay /emoticons/default_laugh.png

Thanks for the info /emoticons/default_smile.png

hey there thought of great idea! make it to where you cant teleport during combat, when your fighting someone and they run to the teleporter and try to run away isnt fun for me! :3 so yeah during combat no workie workie