Things Are Getting Stable

Recently TC is providing a stable core, can keep up around 1k people for more than 2 days without any crash.

What I would like to ask, just out of mere curiosity, if it’s possible to update the core (thus excluding SAI and mysql in general) without restarting it.

I’m not that experienced as programmer to work on a project like that (if it’s possible), but I think that as soon as TC becomes uncrashable (utopia?) you should go into that direction, again assuming that it’s possible.


I don’t think its possible. well, if they adapted Xeons Scripting project it would be but they did not /emoticons/default_biggrin.png


if you update the core, and there is c++ changes, you have to restart it. there is no way of updating a running core.

edit: unless we modularize all the core and get compiled only certain parts… but dunno if that is possible to do. I think instead of having 2 services (realmserver and worldserver) we have thousands of them (realmserver, masterserver, ahserver, chatserver, kalimdorserver, whateverserver, etc…). Think this way you could compile and restart only those that get changed.

A server that never needed to be shut down wouldn’t be Blizzlike. /emoticons/default_tongue.png


this is actually blizzlike, but harder to implement, i think that Encore actually was going for modules but im not sure

Looking at Encore its is going cluster and that in my opinion is the way to go

It is not easy to implement the functionality of cluster servers to TrinityCore.

wow currently made changes on his core without restart. The Hotfixes are recently implemented on official servers and the core still c++

Like Ksplice just for Trinity.

Not impossible, but worth the work ? Unlikely

5 years later, yes, it’s possible.