Throne of the Tides Teleporter NPC

Hi guys, first of all I hope this is the right section for post this.

My question is about two Npcs called “Throne of Tides Teleporter”, entries: 51391-51395

When I spawn them they are invisibile, because they have modelid1 37356 that refers to an invisible stalker model (id 1731 in CreatureModelData.dbc CREATUREINVISIBLESTALKERINVISIBLESTALKER.M2).

This is not strange itself.

The problem is that just taking, for example, “Stonecore Teleporter”, entries: 51396-51397 with modelid1 37355 (that also refers to an invisible stalker model, id 2296 in CreatureModelData.dbc CREATUREINVISIBLESTALKERINVISIBLESTALKERNONAME.M2) and I spawn it in game, i can actually see the teleporter pad. (this

I know they are two different modelid and two different entries in CreatureModelData, but both ids (1731-2296) are invisible stalkers… and moreover only on “Stonecore Teleporter” the modelid1 37355 works.

In addition, the two creature templates are similar, except for entries, modelid1 and name. No scripts for both.

Am I missing something or there is a way to fix this?

Btw the “Throne of the Tides Teleporter” has no screenshot on wowhead and it should look like this:

Could be a dummy spell that gives the aspect?

Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english /emoticons/default_smile.png

creature_addon or creature_template_addon probably has the visual aura for them

If they are spawned on db you can force the model on creature’s table modelid column, else you will need to force model on c++.

Thank you guys, I just found out the spells, they were visual dummy.

Bubble: 95296

Pad: 95293