Time-Lost Proto Drake

Have you guys seen this info about Time-Lost proto drake before?


You probably have, I just thought sharing it with you in case you haven’t seen it before. Cheers.

Well there are a number of things wrong with Timelost Protodrake on TC

  1. This npc is meant to use waypoints when spawns and travel on of 1 of 4 possible paths, instead on tc this is npc has no waypoints and instead there are around 20 static pooled spawn locations

  2. Because of the above spawns are far more common than should be like I have known 2+ people get tlpd within a couple of hours when apparently respawn should be between 1 and 4 days.

More info on this

32491 - [Time-Lost Proto Drake]
202461 - [Time-Lost Proto Drake X:7536.319824 Y:-104.848000 Z:838.645020 MapId:571]
202462 - [Time-Lost Proto Drake X:7378.740234 Y:-115.327003 Z:784.155029 MapId:571]
202465 - [Time-Lost Proto Drake X:7078.589844 Y:-72.826302 Z:827.036011 MapId:571]
202463 - [Time-Lost Proto Drake X:8719.870117 Y:-993.737000 Z:941.403015 MapId:571]
202476 - [Time-Lost Proto Drake X:7060.990234 Y:-413.619995 Z:779.643005 MapId:571]
202475 - [Time-Lost Proto Drake X:7462.229980 Y:-855.711975 Z:913.567017 MapId:571]
202464 - [Time-Lost Proto Drake X:8748.570312 Y:-1262.640015 Z:1002.150024 MapId:571]
202466 - [Time-Lost Proto Drake X:7057.149902 Y:-702.690002 Z:730.971008 MapId:571]
202467 - [Time-Lost Proto Drake X:6877.589844 Y:-778.317993 Z:731.215027 MapId:571]
202473 - [Time-Lost Proto Drake X:7441.740234 Y:-1186.130005 Z:904.434998 MapId:571]
Found creatures 32491: 20

The other worrying thing is when you do find and do .npc info you will see it says the respawn time is 25 seconds even though pooled xd

Creature Pool 60002 20 spawns of Vyragosa and 20 tlpd in pool.

Take a look @ https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/7683

the fact that it has 2 timers is due to the 2 rare mobs being pooled on the spawn, they both influence the respawn cycle